As we briefly documented here, Drake is releasing an EP version of his breakout mixtape, So Far Gone. Although the EP/CD will only contain 6 songs from the mixtape (as well as not being free…!), it also contains one new track. Click below to grab the track in question, Fear.

This track fits right in alongside the rest of So Far Gone. The production is fairly mellow, and Drake mixes things up by rapping and singing. His flow on his verses is nice, and it’s nice to hear him rapping about something different, as opposed to his regular ‘I’m a player’ style music.

He does a nice job as always on the hook too, and I’m sure if this was on the original mixtape, it would be one of my favoured tracks. Slowly, Drake was veering towards Lil’ Wayne territory and becoming a punchline rapper. That impression won’t change with one track, but this is a little different to that formula, as he raps verses and not punchline couplets.

Definitely a good song, and I’m glad Drake dropped something like this.


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