Underground Hip-Hop Part 4

It’s been a while since we’ve got a little raw, a little under-the-radar, and a little underground on here. Let’s change that with a Deluxe Edition of UGHH. Why is it Deluxe? Stop asking questions and click the damn link.

Mickey Factz-Heaven’s Fallout
-This was the mixtape that really got me into Mickey. He flows over a massive range of beats, from Mark Ronson’s Stop Me, to The Prodigy’s Smack My B*tch Up. It’s one of my favourite hip-hop mixtape from recent years.

J. Cole-The Warm Up
-I’ve dropped a couple of J. Cole tracks in these posts, and here’s the full mixtape for those of you that don’t have it. It’s easily one of the best mixtapes this year, and is nothing short of real hip-hop.

Tyga-The Potential
-Forget everything you used to know about Tyga. The Coconut Juice artist is long gone, and he’s now emerged as a very good lyricist. I’d recommend you picked this mixtape up, just to see his improvement and progression.

George Reefah-Clear and Present Danger
-I got sent this about a month back, and really enjoyed this. There are so many different styles of hip-hop that George satisfies, in terms of the production and his rapping. I’d recommend you picked this up, even for one or two tracks that are catered to your preference.

And in case you’re an idiot, it’s Deluxe ‘cos it’s all mixtapes…

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