Underground Hip-Hop Part 3

It seems as though what began as a regular post has now become a series in its own right. The stats for these posts are crazy, so first off: Thanks!

Here’s part 3, and again, we’ve got all sorts of hip-hop in here. It’s also very feature-heavy, so there are a lot of different rappers in this one.

Greenspan-HeadBop ft. Feevaleo and Ra The MC
-This track popped up in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, and I never quite got round to it. Looks like that was a mistake on my part, as this is a great slice of hip-hop. The production is low-key, and much like J.Cole’s Lights Please, doesn’t interfere with the raps and lets they lyrics take centre stage. Definitely worthy of opening this post!

XV-Life Vs. Livin’ Ft. Big Sean
-I’m not sure what category of hip-hop to place this into. It’s got a lot of similarities to some of Drake’s material, but at times is definitely more raw than Drake’s work. Big Sean drops a nice verse as he always does, and the production is definitely likeable too.

DJ JS-1-Murder ft. Chino XL, Sean P & Killah Priest
-Those of you who enjoy more raw, gritty hip-hop will definitely enjoy this. Chino brings his speedy flow, and opens the track with great flow. Sean P’s distinctive deep tones don’t disappoint either, and Killah Priest does his thing too. JS-1 delivers with the beat, and produces something very Statik Selektah-esque.

Beanie Sigel-Ready For War ft. Freeway & Young Chris
-The mellow, relaxed production is complimented nicely by these three guys who each deliver likeable verses. This is the first single from Beanie’s upcoming album, so will be worth picking up.

DJ Honda-Magnetic Arts Ft. Mos Def
-Mos Def does what he always does, and flows nicely over this soulful production. Mos shows his versatility here, and even drops in a couple of sung melodies.

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