The Five One Bringing You New Music

It’s that time of week. Brand new music from The Five One below, and another unmissable track!

Once again, The Five One deliver a great track. Guys-give me something to criticise?!

The artist they’ve remixed this week is Janelle Monae, who admittedly I don’t know a great deal about. However, the track is awesome, and has a great chilled vibe to it. It’s a bouncy, yet mellow production which makes this extremely easy listening. Don’t get too lured into it though: the lyrics conceal a considerably deeper meaning.

The first verse kicks off with an almost motivational edge to it. However, it progresses into one dedicated to getting to know yourself, understanding your own thoughts, and realising how your actions can impact others. It’s deep, it’s different, and I like it.

The second verse follows a similar theme, but to a larger degree, literally: we get cosmic metaphors, and a more general outlook. The last line of this verse is definitely striking, and a great way to conclude: The obvious reasons for us to evolve are obviously ignored. It’s not only striking for its meaning, but the use of a slant rhyme at the end is a nice touch.

The chorus and sung/spoken word outro are definitely both great parts of this track too. The chorus is well-sung, and ties together with the verses perfectly, and the outro is also relevant and performed very smoothly. The spoken word closing lines add some variety in the track, and have another great quotable lines: Put your hands on the wheel at all times. This closes off a track with some strong messaging and imagery nicely, and shows that The Five One are doing just that themselves: They’re keeping in control of everything they’re doing, and every little move/line is deliberate, thought out and has a purpose.

More importantly, The Five One taking their vehicle in any direction they want, and aren’t letting anyone else tell them where to steer…Oh, and taking us along for the ride!

The Five One-It’s Obvious

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