R&B Fridays: Episode 8

Ne-Yo makes it into the picture for the second time in R&B Friday history, just because he can. Can you believe this is already 8 episodes deep?

You know the drill.

Gorilla Zoe-Echo Remix Ft. Ne-Yo

-I didn’t mind the original of this track as it was, but Ne-Yo totally owns this. Gorilla Zoe is apparently a bit ghetto: singing on AutoTune? Yeah, good luck with that Zoe. The original has been around for a while, and Ne-Yo hops on this remix, and genuinely delivers a good verse. It’s probably because of the AutoTune abuse in this track: The fact Ne-Yo jumps in, can actually sing, and doesn’t have AutoTune sounds awesome. His rapping near the end though is a bit…questionable.

One Chance-Suicide
-Usher’s proteges deliver a great track here. I like a lot of their stuff, and they’re one of the few remaning R&B groups that are any good. They can all sing really well, and aren’t afraid of showing it. The production isn’t bad either, albeit nothing spectacular. This one is all about the vocals.

One Chance-Let Me Take You On A Date
-Here’s an older track from these guys that you will enjoy. It’s my favourite track from these guys, and reminds me of Jagged Edge when they were at their peak. It’s a must-have.

Jay Sean-Leave Me On
-I don’t like this song, it doesn’t make sense. You might like it. It sounds like a song that probably got cut off his first album-change the style up, for the sake of your career (assuming this is a new track of course).

-What would R&B Friday be without a solo Ne-Yo track? This is jazzy, upbeat affair and gives Ne-Yo a chance to try something a bit different. It’s not as outstanding as some of his other releases, but it’s definitely a likeable song.

Kevin Cossom-Hang That Over My Head
-Before this, I only knew Cossom for the feature he has on Rick Ross’ latest album. He’s got a good voice, and delivers a very strong solo effort here. The production feels as though it’s missing something though, although it’s not major, and doesn’t detract too much from the song as a whole.

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