R&B Fridays: Episode 11

Music from the UK and the US after the click, from artists such as Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, Lloyd and Ryan Leslie.

Alexandra Burke-Bad Boys Ft. Flo Rida
-This is an unfinished version, but only because it’s missing an end. It’s a very average track, pretty much paint-by-numbers mainstream stuff. Smart promotional move getting Flo Rida on the track too, giving it an even more mainstream appeal.

-As always, some top quality R&B from young Lloyd. The production is the perfect type for Lloyd, with its airy and mellow qualities. Lloyd’s vocals are on point as ever, and his whispery chorus is a nice compliment to the production on this.

LeToya Luckett-Take Away Love Ft. Estelle
-A decent pan-continental effort from the duo. LeToya’s vocals are good, the beat is alright, and Estelle’s verse toward the end fits in nicely.

Ryan Leslie-You’re Not My Girl Remix Ft. Consequence
-Same track as here, but we get a verse from Consequence in this too, which is always a good thing. He flows really nicely on this. It’s the Cons fool!

Brian McKnight-What I’ve Been Waiting For
-An artist who’s been around for some years pops back up with this nice number. It’s got that old-school R&B sound to it, and Brian does a good job on this.

Leona Lewis-Don’t Let Me Down
-Written by Justin Timberlake (who also does some backing vocals) and produced by Timbaland, this track’s definitely a good one. JT is fast becoming a very good songwriter, and Timbaland’s credentials need no mention. Leona of course has a great voice, and if the rest of her new material sounds like this, I might actually listen to it.

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