R&B Fridays: Episode 10…Part 1

Yep, you read that right, Part 1.

Seeing as it’s R&B Fridays’ milestone 10th birthday, I’ve decided to let the little scamp have two parties. Part 2 coming later today.

It just so happened that I have a lot of good material for today’s posts, and I’d recommend you checked them all out as they’re all really good tracks from both established and new artists. Click below for the goods.

Sammie-No More
-This is Sammie of Kiss Me Thru The Phone fame, and it’s a decent slow jam from him. He’s got a great voice, and he’ll do well if his material remains of this quality. His voice sounds similar to Trey Songz’s at times too-a good thing!

Trey Songz-Obssessed (Loser)
-Something from the real Trey. This is a remix of Mariah Carey’s new single Obsessed, and I genuinely prefer Trey’s version. It’s a nice hybrid of rapping and singing, and it’s a very enjoyable track.

Jackie Boyz-Love and Beyond
-These guys have provided a lot of good material this week. This track is very Chris Brown-esque in terms of both the beat and the vocals, and may even be a demo for him. Either way, it’s a great track and some nice uptempo R&B.

I-15-Tootie Fruity Remix feat. nNo
-When this popped up in my inbox, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it from it’s title. I was wrong to question it, as this is a nice slice of R&B. Some of the vocals are very reminiscent of Lloyd, which is a big compliment.

-This is a great track and has a very organic, old-school feel. The production came from Ryan Leslie, so it’s got a guaranteed stamp of quality. Usher’s vocals rarely dissappoint, and this is no exception.

Livvi Franc-Now I’m That Bitch Ft. Pitbull
-I never quite got round to listening to this track until recently, and it’s not too bad. The production is probably the best point of this track, and if anyone knows who produced it, I’d appreciate the info. I expect it’s going to be a bit of a club smash, so it’s worth picking up.

Lil’ Eddie-Alone In The Rain
-Not too many people will recognise this name, but he’s been around doing his thing for a while. This is a great new release from him, and keeping in line with the rest of this post, is another track worth picking up.

Jackie Boyz-Face The Music
-Track 2/3 from the Jackie Boyz today, and it’s a slower effort than the one above. It’s just as good though, although this track is definitely very reliant on the hook. It’s a good track though, and a likeable slow jam from them.

Part 2 of R&B Fridays coming later today!

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