Nas and Slaughterhouse

The title needs little elaboration: If you love hip-hop, you click below. If you don’t, you…click further below (or even above!) on something else?


-This track originally leaked a little while back, but it wasn’t very good quality. The full, high quality version dropped today, and it definitely enhances the track. The sample is used well, although it has that annoying quality whereby you can’t quite figure out where it’s from! The production on the whole is good, and is actually done by a newcomer called C-Sick, who won a competition to get the opportunity to produce for Nas. Nas, as ever, doesn’t disappoint with the rhymes, and this is definitely a track to download.

Slaughterhouse-Microphone, and Slaughterhouse-Not Tonight
-As I previously stated, I am not listening to any more of the Slaughterhouse leaks until the album drops, so I can’t provide a review. However, these are two more leaked tracks from the album that I’m assured are very good, so download them yourself.

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