More New Jay-Z

Jay’s taking over today. Here’s the other Timbaland-produced joint from The Blueprint 3, Reminder.

The beat has a really old-school edge to it, and it sounds like something that could easily be taken from an older Jay-Z album. Timbo’s done a good job on this, and it’s a nice mid-tempo effort that suits Jay perfectly.

Again though, I’m not feeling Jay’s verses as much as I normally would. His lyrics aren’t quite as intricate and jaw-dropping as they once were. He’s even resorted to ‘listing’ in one of his verses, and I’m just not too high on his lyrics in this. The problem with this compared to Off That is that his flow doesn’t rescue him here. He’s slowed the tempo down, meaning he should come through with the lyrics, which he just doesn’t.

Remember though, this is just first impression. The song might grow on me, and maybe some of his lines have just gone over my head…


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