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A few tracks after the click from/featuring some well-known names, including Snoop Dogg, Lloyd, Lil’ Wayne and David Guetta.

DJ Drama-Strapped Ft. Lloyd
-This isn’t technically a new song, as the beat is Birdman’s recent hit Always Strapped. However, I prefer this to the original, and not just because Birdman is awful, but because Lloyd is decent on this. As well as his singing, he gets his rapping game on, and does OK.

Belly-Hot Girl Ft. Snoop Dogg
-Why would you call yourself Belly? This track isn’t totally my thing, but has massive potential in terms of being a mainstream/club track, so is worth having in the library.

David Guetta-One Love Ft. Estelle
-Finally, David Guetta makes good use of having a top-level feature! Estelle is good on this, and the beat is better than most of Guetta’s recent efforts.

DJ Kay Slay-Blockstars ft. Ray J, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones & Plies
-This isn’t too bad given that it’s pretty typical, paint-by-numbers hip-hop. It’s fairly brainless, but is easier to listen to than a lot of hip-hop.

2 Pistols-Come On Ft. Lil’ Wayne and J. Holiday
-Not a big fan of this track, but I’m assured that it’s getting pretty big. Lil’ Wayne’s verse is disappointing, as most of his recent work has been. J. Holiday has done, and will do, better hooks.

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