UPDATED: Joe Budden-Escape Route

I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the news broke that this was no longer an EP, but a full album. The artwork and tracklisting were released today, and the album is out (digitally only) tomorrow. Click below for the tracklist.

UPDATED: The first track leak from Escape Route has dropped, and can be found after the click.

This is the penultimate album of the ‘series’, which began with Halfway House, went to Padded Room and will end with The Great Escape. Also, the Slaughterhouse album is officially released tomorrow digitally (although it may be in HMV etc. now). Expect a review soon! (or maybe two? Indi?)

The update: Scroll to #9 on the tracklist to download We Outta Here which features the rest of Slaughterhouse (!). This sounds like a track they previewed earlier in the year in a webcast, and sounds like T-Pain on the hook. It’s a great track, the raps are tight and it’s got a catchy hook. A must download!

1. Intro
2. Anti
3. Never Again
4. World Keep Spinnin’
5. Forgive Me
6. State of You
7. Good Enough
8. No Comment
9. We Outta Here ft. Slaughterhouse
10. Clothes on a Mannequin
11. Freight Train
12. Connect 4 ft. Young Chris

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