Jay-Z and Drake

The latest leak from The Blueprint 3 comes in the form of Off That, featuring Drake. Click below for the goods.

This was scheduled to be the first official single from the album, but was replaced by Run This Town. The track was produced by Timbaland, and his signature sound shines through here. The beat is great, and makes this a potential club banger. It’s an uptempo track, and very different to the previous two tracks we’ve heard.

Jay-Z’s verses are OK. They’re nothing special, but his flow is definitely likeable on this track. His lyrics are not quite up to his own impeccable standards I feel, and his verses are definitely rescued by his flow. Drake does a nice job on the hook, and is a great addition to the song. I’d have liked to hear Drake drop a verse on this, but there we are.

I like this song, it’s something different to what we’ve heard Jay put out so far, and it’s probably a little bit easier on the ear than some of his music. As I said, I expect this track to blow up too and become a massive club banger, and it’s definitely good for that purpose.

Would this have been a better single than Run This Town? Maybe not, but put Kanye and Rihanna on this beat instead and you’ve got a classic…Click below for the download.

Jay-Z-Off That Ft. Drake

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