It’s Here…

UPDATED with new version, review and artwork

It’s here. It’s the unmastered version, but it’s here dammit. The final, mastered version of Forever has landed.

Drake, Eminem, Kanye and Lil’ Wayne on one song. You know what to do.

Let’s get to the truth: Em’s verse takes the prize here by miles, and that’s no disrespect to the other verses. His flow is crazy, and he closes the song perfectly. His lyrics are relevant and typically superb, but it’s the flow that makes this absolutely classic Eminem. He switches his flow multiple times, switching back and forth between different speeds effortlessly. Also, he’s not rapping using that accent he had on some of Relapse, and hence sounds awesome.

The beat has the triumphant quality that a song of this magnitude fully deserves. Compare this to the first version we provided here without Kanye and Eminem, and you’ll appreciate just how much a difference these guys make to a track, and how they’re suited to the beat.

As I said here, Drake’s chorus are good, and definitely make this a great song. He shows his versatility by dropping a verse, and the smooth chorus. The chorus hooks you in right away, and without doubt he’s the only person who could nail the hook that well. Props to Drake for holding his own with these heavyweights with his rap too: For me, he’s in 3rd place for verses on this track, not least for his memorable opening line.

Wayne’s verse isn’t too bad, and maybe if he wasn’t sandwiched between Kanye and Eminem it would sound better, but I can’t help but feel that Wayne could have stepped it up and come a little harder on this. 07 Wayne > 08-09 Wayne.

Kanye’s verse has some great wordplay in it. He’s been on a roll recently with his features, and he comes through again here. Having outdone Jay-Z on Run This Town, he comes up against the legendary Eminem and he comes off a respectable 2nd in this. It takes a few listens to really appreciate this verse, but it definitely warrants appreciation for its quality.

The finished version of the track is below. This tune is going to be huge, absolutely massive, and rightfully so. For me, the best ‘all-star’ track of ’08 was Swagger Like Us, and frankly this beats that comfortably.

Welcome to hip-hop Drake. Your buzz just came back.

Drake-Forever Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Eminem and Kanye West

(UPDATE: For the updated, high quality/finished version,
click here. Ignore the above link!)

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6 comments to It’s Here…

  • Notorious Indi

    Eminem’s flow is just god damn RIDICULOUS on this! After a couple of listens Kanye’s verse has grown on me alot…as has been the case with alot of Kanye features lately. Drake holds his own with the heavyweights and Lil Wayne delivers the kind of verse that you’d expect from him lately…but I can’t help but feel he could have done better.

  • Chrissy Huntersanti

    I like this track. Drake’s verse is nice, loving the chorus. Actually don’t mind Wayne’s verse, and Kanye’s verse is cool- I still maintain his features this year > 808s. Eminem winds me up though, why does he have to release shit like Crack A Bottle, whenever he is capable of this?

  • Notorious Indi

    Yup, I agree. Let’s just hope this is a sign for things to come on Relapse 2! Wayne’s verse is alright, but he’s capable of so much better. I would have thought him finally getting his wish on being on a track with Eminem, that he’d bring his A game.

  • Nikul

    yeahh i totaly agree with the eminem comment…. just expected loads more fom him on his album!

  • ajay182

    To be fair, I enjoyed Relapse (minus Crack A Bottle). Once you move past the annoying accent, the lyrics and concepts are all on point. It’s one of those albums you really need to stick with and keep playing to enjoy it.

    Relapse 2 ftw though, seeing as he’s apparently working with B.o.B, Kid Cudi and now there’s gonna be inevitable talk of ‘Ye or Drake.

  • Notorious Indi

    Yeah I did enjoy Relapse for a little while, I just think with the accent it makes it hard to have much replay value at all. I could go back and listen to SSLP, MMLP, or even The Eminem show and still enjoy it now. I can’t say the same about Relapse though, and that didn’t come out that long ago in comparison!

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