Drake, Estelle and more…

Two tracks after the click: The first is from Drake, and the second is the debut single from Kanye West’s lead backing vocalist Joi Starr. The track features Estelle and Kid Sister.

Drake-The Search Ft. Saukrates
-New track dropped recently from Drake. The production is OK, and is more beneficial in letting the lyrics come through. Drake is once again decent on this, but I maintain my belief from an earlier post that he is rapidly becoming nothing more than decent, and hasn’t done a great deal to capitalise on the buzz from So Far Gone/Best I Ever Had. I haven’t heard of Saukrates before, but he seems to be good, and in terms of lyrics, voice and delivery, is very similar to Crooked I.

Joi Starr-Tonight Ft. Estelle and Kid Sister
-Ths uptempo number is definitely a good first effort from Joi Starr. It’s nothing spectacular, as I’m not convinced that Joi’s voice is suited to these types of productions, but Kid Sister and Estelle fit this track nicely, and Estelle’s verse at the end is the highlight of the track. It’s a good track all-round though, and has the potential to be a big club track.

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