Another New Jay-Z Track

I make that 5 leaks now, which is exactly 1/3 of the album.

Click below for another Timbaland produced track.

Venus vs. Mars is better than Reminder. I like the slow beat, and Jay-Z’s lyrics are a lot better than on Reminder, and the chorus is fairly memorable too.

I must admit though, that besides D.O.A. this album seems to have a very mainstream sound to it, which is not something I was expecting from this album. I expected it to be a little more raw, and a little more stripped-down hip-hop. I suppose we only have 1/3 though, and 3 of the 5 leaks have been Timbaland beats…

Also, this version may not be totally finished, and it sounds like there are DJ tags over it. More excuse for you to buy the album in two weeks’ time eh?

Jay-Z-Venus vs. Mars

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