“Why Are You So Paranoid?”

Paranoid, the most recent single from Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak album, had a video released for it a month or so back. The video had a slightly altered version of the song. Click below for more.

The video version of the track certainly carries more uptempo elements along with it, and definitely makes it a more likeable track. The original, although good, felt slightly bare. The changes are definitely more obvious in the intro and outro, although they do remain throughout.

The revamped version also enhances Mr. Hudson’s chorus a little more too, and hence makes it more effective. (2 posts in 2 days relating to Mr. Hudson-Chalk that one up to the UK artists!)

I’ve also thrown in a remix of Paranoid that was released a few months back on The New Deal mixtape, that features Big Sean gracing the track with his vocals. Definitely a good remix to have in the collection.

Kanye West-Paranoid (Video Version) Ft. Mr. Hudson

Kanye West-Paranoid Remix Ft. Big Sean and Mr. Hudson

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