Various Slaughterhouse News Bits

The last few posts have been missing the raw hip-hop that these boys provide, so let’s make up for it here. As well as snippets of the ENTIRE Slaughterhouse album, there are download links for some of the members’ solo stuff, and more.

I personally will not be listening to the album snippets at the below link, but you are all more than welcome to. From now on, I will not be listening any more leaks from the Slaughterhouse album until it is released. I will still post them on here for you to download should you choose to, but I won’t be.

Slaughterhouse Album Snippets

Next up comes more details on Joe Budden’s upcoming EP, Escape Route. It’s set to be released on Tuesday, and snippets of it have been released. However, they are poor quality and have Joe talking all over them so it’s hardly worth posting, especially given that the actual EP is released in two days anyway.

Finally, Royce Da 5’9″ and Crooked I have dropped a few freestyles to the internet over the last week, all named after the release date (in American format of course, with the month first and day second) of the upcoming Slaughterhouse album. I’m a few days late with these, for which I apologise, but all the new music that popped up this weekend pushed this post back. Anyway, pick up the tracks below and enjoy some real hip-hop.

Royce Da 5’9″-8-11

Crooked I-8-11

Crooked I-8-11 Pt. 2

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