Slaughterhouse-The One

Slaughterhouse have dropped the first official single from their upcoming self-titled album. Here begins the summer of Slaughterhouse.

We’re getting a lot of good music this summer:

-Royce Da 5’9″ drops The Revival EP on Tuesday, the album Street Hop comes on September 22nd, and the Bar Exam 3 mixtape is on it’s way too.

-Crooked I lets Pig Face Weapon Waist loose on July 28th

-Joell Ortiz is releasing Free Agent soon (still not 100% sold on him though, but I expect that some of you are fans)

-Joe Budden has the Escape Route EP, The Great Escape album and the fourth edition of Mood Muzik coming in the next few months too.

-The Slaughterhouse debut album is set for an August 11th release.


Back to the song: A very strong effort from the Slaughterhouse machine, with the production and lyrics all  on point. The production has a rock edge, with suits the intensity the four MC’s bring to the track, and gives it an old-school flavour. The chorus is definitely catchy and memorable too, making this an all-around solid track.

I’ve enjoyed everything Slaughterhouse has put out so far, and this ranks among one of my favourite tracks of theirs to date. If you like hip-hop, get some Slaughterhouse in you.

Slaughterhouse-The One

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