Slaughterhouse. Taking Over.

The video for the first official single from Slaughterhouse is after the click. This is definitely a perfect fit for the track, and gives the 4 members some valuable camera time. If you like music, this is for you.

I find myself running out of superlatives to describe Slaughterhouse with. They have 3 of the best lyricists around right now (still haven’t got into Ortiz…), and anyone who appreciates real hip-hop will have at least one of them in their top 5.

However, many great lyricists over the years have never got their due, probably because of a heavy focus on the lyrics, and ignoring the rest. Slaughterhouse are different: They’ve got great beats, great flows and deliveries, and most importantly they have fantastic chemistry.

If you haven’t downloaded any of their work, you need to do so now. The official single, The One, was covered on here before and along with Wack MC’s definitely gets the thumbs up from me as a track of the year. The rock-style production, the catchy chorus and of course the quality rapping.

Without further ado, check out the video for The One below, as well as a bonus Slaughterhouse track right at the bottom to bolster your collection.

Download: Slaughterhouse-Wack MC’s

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2 comments to Slaughterhouse. Taking Over.

  • Notorious Indi

    Great track, and a great video. This song, video, and the group itself just reminds me of late 90′s hip-hop at it’s best.

  • Nikul

    Its Just Striaght up RAW HIP-HOP! love it!!

    also it sounds like lady gaga on the hook lolz

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