R&B Fridays: Episode 6

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(I wanted to delay this post this until tomorrow due to the magnitude of the post directly below this one, but I suppose I can’t break a tradition!)

This week there are tracks from huge names such as Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Akon, Chris Brown and others after the click.

There’s an album review coming tomorrow too from one of the best Soul/R&B albums I’ve ever heard. Keep an eye out for it, as I promise it will be a good read!

Ne-Yo-If You Want Me To Stay
-Ne-Yo delivered again this week, releasing an awful lot of tracks to the internet, even by his standards. From the few I’ve heard so far, this was definitely the standout track, as the production and vocals are all really well delivered. Definitely an enjoyable bit of R&B.

Se7en-Can’t Buy Me Love
-I’d never heard of this guy up until recently. He’s a young Korean singer, who is apparently huge in Asia and judging by this track, it’s easy to see why. He’s got a good voice, and appears to have good producers behind him as the beat is nice too. The lyrics could use some work, but I suppose this is mainsteam R&B, it’s not going to be particularly intricate…(unless written by Ne-Yo, The-Dream or Johnta Austin!)

David Guetta-Sexy B*tch Ft. Akon
-Not really R&B, but this seems the only decent place to put this as it doesn’t warrant it’s own post. I don’t like that much this track to be honest, it’s a bit boring. Guetta has done, and will do, better beats, and Akon’s vocals/lyrics just sound like a failed version of  Smack That. However, a lot of people are going to like this, and it’s going to be huge in the clubs, so it’s worth owning if only to get familiar with it.

Chris Brown-Shine For Me
-Some new Chris Brown. I highly doubt this is going to be from the upcoming Graffiti album, and is probably just an internet track. Either way, it’s worth owning as it is good, and reminds us that Chris Brown wants to try and get his career back. His singing seems to have improved a bit too, which is good news. It does have to be said though that there were 2 other tracks that he put out that weren’t good at all.

Lloyd-Want To
-Another Lloyd track, another good track. You can’t help but feel that very few people could sing Lloyd’s songs and make then sound as good. This is no different, and although it’s not quite as good as some of the stuff on his albums, it’s definitely likeable and worth a download.

UPDATE: Head downwards for the video to UK artist Jay Sean’s US debut, Down, which features Lil’ Wayne. I actually liked this track when it leaked a few months back, and the video is OK. Jay Sean does however need to work on his dancing (as well as the fact he always looks like he’s crying), and Wayne’s verse is disappointing to say the least. Still, it’s a decent song. Not sure if I’ve put the track up before, but it’s below just in case.

Jay Sean-Down Ft. Lil’ Wayne

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