R&B Fridays: Episode 5

As far as R&B Fridays go, this is a pretty jam-packed episode, full of dripping goodness from big names and lesser names as always. Hit the click for the goods.

Karina Pasian-Stole My Heart
-I’ve got a fair amount of her stuff, and she is honestly very talented. She’s got a great, unique voice, and puts out some really good material. This midtempo track is no exception, and if you’re a fan, hunt out some of her other stuff.

Melanie Fiona-Magic
-The ladies are leading the way this week. Melanie Fiona is a name you may already know: her hit single, Give It To Me Right, is blowing up all over radio and she’s another talent. This track is most notable for the fact that the subtle beat compliments her voice perfectly, and doesn’t outdo it. Easy-listening and enjoyable all-round.

Ne-Yo-Round & Round
-There is no-one more prolific in R&B than Ne-Yo. He drops songs to the internet almost daily, and they’re always of a good standard. Unfortunately, sometimes that works against him as they can get lost in the shuffle. This effort however did not, and Ne-Yo’s versatile vocal range is on show here. This well-produced track is definitely staying in my rotation for a while.

Jeremih-Break Up To Make Up
-Another track from Jeremih’s self-titled debut album, and another great track. It’s definitely different to My Sunshine (found in last week’s episode) and is a more uptempo number. I like the production in this, and Jeremih drops more memorable lyrics. After Birthday Sex, he seems to be keeping his buzz going, and showing he definitely isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Q. Parker-Holding On
-I really like this guy. Originally from 112, he released a song last summer called Crazy Crazy (featuring Rock City) which became one of my tracks of  the summer. He’s put out more stuff in between that has also been of a really good standard. He has a smooth, soulful voice and although this track isn’t as good as Crazy Crazy, it’s definitely a good song.

Q. Parker-Crazy Crazy Ft. Rock City
-As a bonus, I’ve chucked in Crazy Crazy here-it seemed rude not to. It might take a few listens to appreciate it, but it’s definitely a great song. Q’s vocals are on point again, and his mellow vibes somehow work over this mid-to-uptempo number.  Rock City suit this track perfectly too, and definitely elevate the track from being good to being very good. Their verse is likeable, and the energy they bring in the bridge at the end of their verse is simple yet very effective. ‘Grab A Drink Now!’

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5 comments to R&B Fridays: Episode 5

  • Freya Johnson

    Hey, im rajans friend. This site is incredible! I dont know how you find all this stuff but its so so good. I no longer need limewire :) thanks.
    & rajan made me comment this site!

  • Freya Johnson

    & also your cousin is sooooo annoying.

  • Notorious Indi

    Hi Freya. Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.

    P.S. You were still using Limewire!? I thought people stopped using that years ago. I’m glad you found us! :D

    P.P.S. I would normally agree with you about Rajan being annoying, but she’s been a great help to us and this website :)

  • Freya Johnson

    Well, i do have to say rajan has helped me find some amazing songs but im with her nearly everyday of the week and im sure you would understand if you were too.
    Everyones using limewire down here, no matter how many viruses it gives you..
    keep up the good work :)

  • ajay182

    Appreciate the feedback.

    Good old Limewire.

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