R&B Friday: Episode 3

As I’ve already had a couple of R&B-related posts this week, here’s a strimmed down (but still packed with gems) version of this week’s instalment. (Any suicides caused by this decision are not my responsibility)

The-Dream-Kelly’s 12 Play (Remix) Ft. R. Kelly
-A more than appropriate remix for The-Dream’s homage to the classic R. Kelly album. A nice addition to one of the strongest tracks from The-Dream’s sophomore album.

Rock City-Ransom Ft. Chris Brown
-This technically isn’t R&B as all three rap on this, but both Rock City and Chris Brown do mostly R&B stuff, so it seemed a good place to get this track out. Rock City do a great job as always and are as talented as ever, and Chris Brown does OK. Oh, and if you recognise the beat, it’s from an old Drake/Lil’ Wayne track.

Rock City-Put The F’n Album Out
-The previous track inspired me to travel back in time to late May. Rock City released a new mixtape, named after the track above. As most mixtapes do, they take popular beats and rework them into their own. This track is a rework of Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s Blame It, and in my opinion, an improvement.

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