Quick Blast: Jay-Z

A few news items on Jay-Z after the click. I’d recommend you read these, as he addresses a few things, as well as a huge surprise coming here on Friday…

-He denied the rumours that he vetoed a possible Chris Brown performance at the BET awards. There was talk that if Chris performed, Jay-Z would not attend, and would ensure Beyonce didn’t either. He categorically denied this.

-When asked about The Game, he called him a ‘groupie’ and told him to get over it.

The full Tim Westwood interview will be available on Saturday.

This is the big one though: The official single from The Blueprint 3 will be Run This Town, and not the track with Drake as previously expected. Oh, and a small note: Run This Town will feature Rihanna and Kanye West. That’s 3 of the biggest names in music on one track. Expect this track to be on this very site by/on Friday. UPDATE: Click here for the single.

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