It’s A Busy Day!

More new music for you from names including the UK’s Mr. Hudson. We’ve also got Asher Roth, Fabolous and Drake in the mix. There’s more coming later today too, including a new Slaughterhouse track. Click below for the goods, and keep an eye out tonight for the new Slaughterhouse joint.

Mr. Hudson-White Lies

First off, another track from Mr. Hudson’s upcoming album Straight No Chaser. Unlike the previously leaked tracks this has no featured guest on it and, more importantly, no AutoTune. White Lies is a genuinely good song, and certainly one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Hudson so far.

His powerful voice comes through nicely here, and the pounding beat compliments it perfectly. The song is definitely an emotional one too, and hence the lyrics are definitely memorable. This is one of those tracks that is difficult to categorise, as his voice has an alternative element to it, but the production lies slightly closer to the urban side of things. I really like this track, and recommend you download it immediately.

Asher Roth-Death of AutoTune Freestyle

Asher drops a quick freestyle over Jay-Z’s beat which doesn’t disappoint. Asher brings his witty, often amusing lyrics to the track and reminds us of what he does best. It’s good to hear new material from Asher, and this is worth a download. Oh, and keep an ear out for the Anchorman reference at the end!

Fabolous Ft. Drake-Throw It In The Bag Remix

I like the original of this, and expected that Drake would just add a verse. Much to my surprise, they’ve instead totally changed the beat, and taken The-Dream off the song, instead just using a remixed sample of his voice for the chorus. I’m not convinced whether this is a good move or not, as I liked him on the original. However, Fab’s verses are good, and Drake comes through and drops a decent verse on this too.

(Does anyone else feel that Drake’s verses are starting to sound a bit samey? He definitely needs to mix things up soon, as he’s beginning to lose a lot of the buzz that he had a month or two ago, not least because of the flop that was the video for Best I Ever Had)

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1 comment to It’s A Busy Day!

  • Nikul

    the asher roth freestyle is actually a diss record to the Hills Star Spencer Pratt lolzzz!

    ‘Mr Roth you have a masive irrection’!…. Dont act like ur not impressed!!! lmaoo

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