“Come At The King, You Best Not Miss”

The Game


Following on from The Game’s recent disses towards Jay-Z (which you can download from here) I’ve compiled a list of the best diss tracks ever released from the renowned battle rapper, with a brief summary of each ‘beef’. Would it be wise for Jay-Z to respond? Or better to ignore The Game’s recent ‘campaign’ against him? Click on for numerous tracks of goodness.




The Game VS Memphis Bleek & The Young Gunz

Game’s recent ill feeling towards Jay-Z can be traced back to around 2002 where The Game was (prior to Aftermath) signed to a label called ‘Get Low Recordz’. Bleek took exception to the name, as he also was in the process of creating his own imprint, wanting to use the name ‘Get Low Records’. This resulted with fellow Rockafella artists The Young Gunz also getting involved.

Died Too Soon (dissing Memphis Bleek)

Feel It In The Air freestyle (dissing The Young Gunz)


The Game VS Yukmouth

Yukmouth, (better known as one of the members from the group The Luniz) due to ties with ex G-Unit member Bang ‘Em Smurf, released a few tracks aimed at 50 Cent. The Game responded on behalf of 50…

I Got a Million On It


The Game VS Joe Budden

Not long after Joe Budden’s first album came out and went gold, due to label issues, his buzz started to die down. Desperate to stay relevant in the rap industry, Joe Budden decided to come out and lyrically attack the best selling group at the time – G-Unit. The Game, having just recently joined G-Unit, was given the task to respond to Budden’s disses. Being a massive fan of Joe Budden, this particular battle is what first alerted me to The Game’s lyrical prowess. People still question who actually won this beef, due to the quality of both rapper’s diss tracks aimed at one another.

 Street Hit


The Game VS 50 Cent/G-Unit

After 50 Cent’s diss track ‘Piggybank’ was released (aimed at Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Nas) The Game came out on radio and said this beef had nothing to do with him, and that he wouldn’t mind recording songs with those particular rappers in the not too distant future. 50 having perceived this as an act of disloyalty promptly kicked The Game out of G-Unit. This resulted in many a diss track being released by The Game, including two whole mixtapes of them (‘Stop Snitching, Stop Lying’, and ‘Ghost Unit’) along with a DVD documentary.

300 Bars & Runnin’

Play The Game

Hate It Or Love It (G-Unot version)

Outro (Red Bandana)

Body Bags


And last, but not least, here is the very 1st track that The Game  flat out dissed Jay-Z (as well as 50 Cent and Suge Knight). This was made a few years ago, with The Game clearly still feeling animosity towards Jay-Z for not only refusing to collaborate with him but also for a freestyle Jay-Z did on Hot 97 radio, which many felt was subtly going at Game.

My Bitch



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