R&B Fridays: Episode 7

This week’s episode is packed with a gigantic, sweaty mess of tasty new music from Robin Thicke, Ne-Yo (of course…) and more big names after the click.
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New Music From The Five One

Brand new remix sent over this afternoon from The Five One. They didn’t get the chance to upload one last week, so hopefully we’ll get a second track from them in the next few days too. Click below for the review and download.
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Colin Munroe, Wale, Kanye and More.

This post is swelling with good music.  After the click there’s a great Colin Munroe feature, a new track from G.O.O.D. Music’s Consequence, the final version of Wale’s Pretty Girls and more…
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Some New(ish) Mr. Hudson

Another leak from Mr. Hudson’s upcoming album. This time, we get the title track Straight No Chaser.
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From Fabolous To Colby O’Donis…

…with brief stops at Ryan Leslie and Keri Hilson. Click below for 2 new videos and more.
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Some Unreleased 2Pac

I’m not sure I even believe myself here. Is this ‘unreleased’ 2Pac, or is it new 2Pac? I’ve never really come to a conclusion on the ‘is he or isn’t he dead?’ issue, but either way enjoy some music from one of the all-time greats below.
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Some Tracks You May Not Have Heard

So, as I said, it’s been a slow day. However, to keep your library swelling I’ve thrown together 2 tracks that you probably haven’t heard. Both of these are taken from within the last 6 months, and both appeal to a variety of genres. Hopefully, this will introduce you something new. Go crazy after the click.

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Kanye West Live

Been a slow 24 hours for new music. To fill the void, see below for an amazing 40-minute video of a Kanye West performance. For those of you who haven’t seen him live, I’d recommend this video. For those of you who have, this is a brand new setup and also incorporates the 808s and Heartbreak album so is worth a watch. The video has some behind-the-scenes clips, and other bits and pieces. Enjoy after the click.
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Various Slaughterhouse News Bits

The last few posts have been missing the raw hip-hop that these boys provide, so let’s make up for it here. As well as snippets of the ENTIRE Slaughterhouse album, there are download links for some of the members’ solo stuff, and more.
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Maxwell: A Review of A Potential Classic

Are you sick of  “explicit, AutoTune-coated R&B”? Do you miss organic music made using real instruments and a voice?

You’re not the only one. For once, those who shape the charts have done some good, and Maxwell’s first release since 2001 (8 years is a LONG time in music!) went straight to #1 in the USA.

Whether you’ve heard of Maxwell or not, click below, if only for the sake of good music and broadening your horizons.
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Some Party/Club Tracks For The Weekend

Keeping you provided with deliciously-packed posts of music! I actually really like the songs in this club music post. None of this is particularly mainstream, but it’s music that certainly is worthy of rockin’ any party, so hit the click.

Also, there’s a big album review coming later as promised, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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R&B Fridays: Episode 6

ne-yoThis post was updated after it was posted: Scroll to the bottom after the click!

(I wanted to delay this post this until tomorrow due to the magnitude of the post directly below this one, but I suppose I can’t break a tradition!)

This week there are tracks from huge names such as Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Akon, Chris Brown and others after the click.

There’s an album review coming tomorrow too from one of the best Soul/R&B albums I’ve ever heard. Keep an eye out for it, as I promise it will be a good read!
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As Promised, Here Is The New Jay-Z Track

Just like I promised, here is the event that is Jay-Z’s new single, Run This Town. This features Rihanna and Kanye West, so I don’t think I need to tell you where to click…
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Big Sean’s Debut

As you should know by now, I rate Big Sean very highly. I think he’s definitely one of the better rappers around, and his lyrics never seem to disappoint, and always entertain and surprise me in some way. He’s finally dropped a music video (his first ever!) and it’s great to see him get some camera time.

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New Mike Posner

Brand new track sent over last night from Mike Posner, with him remixing Jeremih’s smash Birthday Sex.
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The Higher Get Closer

Remember Closer by Ne-Yo? Well, pop-punk band The Higher released a cover version of it on their most recent album that’s actually quite good. Thanks to Mike for this track.
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Who Doesn’t Love The Roots?

A brand new track from The Roots after the click, specifically the title track from the upcoming album How I Got Over. Seriously, how awesome are The Roots though?
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Didn’t See This Coming

N.O.R.E., best known for his early 00′s hit Nothin’, has recently collaborated with Kid Cudi. This is definitely an unlikely duo, but the track is decent. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it’s definitely likeable and will probably grow on me. Download it here:

N.O.R.E.-Floatin’ In The Sky Ft. Kid Cudi

Quick Blast: Jay-Z

A few news items on Jay-Z after the click. I’d recommend you read these, as he addresses a few things, as well as a huge surprise coming here on Friday…

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Brand New Slaughterhouse

Brand new Slaughterhouse track from the upcoming album. Click below for the goods.
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It’s A Busy Day!

More new music for you from names including the UK’s Mr. Hudson. We’ve also got Asher Roth, Fabolous and Drake in the mix. There’s more coming later today too, including a new Slaughterhouse track. Click below for the goods, and keep an eye out tonight for the new Slaughterhouse joint.

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This Is A Bit Unrelated

Remember this guy? Well, it turns out he’s finally apologised for, and confirmed, what happened in February with Rihanna. To be perfectly honest, the apology seems really genuine, and he seems sorry for what happened. Click below for the video.

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I Make Her Say Video

The video for Kid Cudi’s Make Her Say has been released. The actual song was released a while back, and we now get some visuals for it too. Click below for the goods.

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Something Fresh From The Five One

Brand new track from The Five One after the click. They stick with the nice, mellow vibe and remix a Janet Jackson classic this week. Click for the goods.

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This Is Real Music

Forget about all of the manufactured R&B stuff that gets thrown out for a minute, and listen to some genuinely good soul music.
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“Come At The King, You Best Not Miss”

The Game


Following on from The Game’s recent disses towards Jay-Z (which you can download from here) I’ve compiled a list of the best diss tracks ever released from the renowned battle rapper, with a brief summary of each ‘beef’. Would it be wise for Jay-Z to respond? Or better to ignore The Game’s recent ‘campaign’ against him? Click on for numerous tracks of goodness. → Continue Reading

R&B Fridays: Episode 5

As far as R&B Fridays go, this is a pretty jam-packed episode, full of dripping goodness from big names and lesser names as always. Hit the click for the goods.
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Kid Cudi-Good News and Bad News

Some good news, and some bad news regarding Kid Cudi. Good news: After the click below, you can catch the visuals for the Westwood freestyle he did last week. It definitely makes it a better experience and lets you appreciate just how good his flow is.

The bad news is his album has been delayed from August 25th to September 15th…
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Something A Bit More Club-Friendly

Here’s a track from club rapper Pitbull that’s a little more mainstream, and more digestable for some of you.
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