Wale-Back To The Feature

2 posts in 2 days on DC rapper Wale. His ‘Back To The Feature’ mixtape has finally been released, after having been delayed for months.

The mixtape, as hinted at by the title, is feature-packed, so I’m not even going to try and list them all here. The Wonder Why track I posted yesterday is on here, as well as a few other tracks that have been leaked over the last few months. Of the three I’ve heard, (Hot Shyt, Pot of Gold and Night Life) I think I liked Night Life the best. However, the mixtape has got some pretty exciting features on it, and I expect I’ll have some new favourites by the end of it. The entire mixtape is produced by 9th Wonder too, so I expect good quality. So much so, that it earns my ‘Mixtape/Album of the Week’ accreditation without me even listening to it.

Wale has yet to disappoint me with any of his mixtapes, so jump on the bandwagon and download below. I’ve also added links for one of his older mixtapes. Note: These links are taken from the official Wale sites, Elitaste.com and Walemusic.com, if they don’t work, let me know.

Enjoy: Wale & 9th Wonder-Back To The Feature, and Wale-The Mixtape About Nothing,

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