Uptempo tracks for the Weekend

Playing about with a few genres here to liven up the weekend, with a classic track and a couple of newer, mainstream tracks to enjoy.

Possibly my favourite Blink track, the classic track of the week is What’s My Age Again?, the perfect feel-good summer anthem. The video for this is hilarious too, with Blink generally being nude.  This track needs no more introduction, so add it to your library if you don’t already have it. (This also doubles up as a good excuse to finally get Blink-182 on here!)

 Blink-182-What’s My Age Again?

A couple of newer tracks here. Supernova by Mr. Hudson (featuring his ‘mentor’ Kanye West) has been around for around a month, but I expect some of you may have missed out on it. This is an epic track, and is still in my rotation now. Mr. Hudson’s definitely got a great voice, and Kanye adds a lot to the track.

Mr. Hudson: Supernova Ft. Kanye West

Mickey Factz is an underground rapper who’s been around for a couple of years now. He’s got quite a large following, and has definitely got a lot of good tracks floating around the internet. He was also one of Jay-Z first signings to the new ‘Roc Nation’ label. The track below features Kid Cudi and is a cool, electronic-style track which grows on me on every listen.

Mickey Factz-Do My Do Ft. Kid Cudi

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