Underground Hip-Hop

There’s an awful lot of music that gets put out to the internet each and every day. A lot of it will be artists that you’ve never heard of, but will have big followings. Trying to follow underground hip-hop is a difficult task, and sometimes it’s best to stick to a few names and follow them. This post is dedicated to some of those names you may have missed and gives you a sample of them.

There are a lot of different styles of hip-hop below. When people hear ‘underground hip-hop’, the association tends to be of violent, raw hip-hop that is all about the lyrics. Admittedly, some can be, but a lot of it isn’t. The list below hopefully will showcase the variety and creativity in the lesser-known levels of the genre.

Dead Prez-Refuse To Lose Ft. Chuck D and Avery Storm

Grafh-So Easy Ft. Cassidy

J. Cole-Shook Ones Freestyle

La Coka Nostra-Choose Your Side Ft. Bun B

Malicious-My Calling

Tech N9ne-Sickology 101 Ft. Chino XL and Crooked I

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2 comments to Underground Hip-Hop

  • Chris

    Nice post Ajay. I reckon Tech N9ne fell off a while ago now. It’s all about Anghellic, his last couple of albums have just been weak! LCN & dead prez – nice! Since this is the type of stuff i’m into I would like to suggest checking out Jedi Mind Tricks (avoid A History Of Violence like herpes though), ILL Bill, Non Phixion, Brooklyn Academy, & Jean Grae

  • ajay182

    Jean Grae is awesome. I’ve been put off JMT for a while after their Kanye/Talib bashing, but once I’m over it I’ll check them out.

    It’s weird, bordering worrying, that you commented on this: I’ve just now written ‘Underground Hip-Hop pt.2′ to go up tomorrow-how odd!

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