This Post Does Not Care What Genre You Like.

As you’ve seen from the content on here, I enjoy rock, hip-hop, alternative, and pretty much every other genre under the sun. However, most of the music we listen to is ‘sensually offensive’ to at least one of the other genres.

By this, I mean if you listen to some 2Pac, the Death Cab for Cutie listener inside you has to hide behind the sofa. If you listen to Blink-182, all love for T.I. has to leave the room via the nearest exit.

Ever met an artist/group who can keep everyone in the same room? Click below, because you’re about to. You won’t regret it.

About 7 months ago, I downloaded a mixtape that featured a group called The Five One. The track I heard was Waiting For and had a nice sound to it. It had the live instrumentation of The Roots, but still had a factor that I couldn’t quite pin to a genre.

Steadily I came across more of their material, and in January, they started the project  5109: The Remix Album. This involves a weekly release from The Five One, with them remixing/covering an existing song, adding a twist of their own and making them into a brand new track. The words I use in this post can’t properly convey the range of styles and genres that these guys have seamlessly fused together.

They sing and rap, and all four of them do so with real versatility. Some tracks are more harmonic, and introspective (What Sarah Said), and others are more rap-based and come packed with lines that are relevant to today. Then, in fitting with the theme of this post, there are the tracks that blur the lines so much, every time you hear the song, it sounds different from the last time you did.

Enough talking. Do yourself a really big favour today, and download the tracks below. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying them out. I don’t want to overload you though, so I’ve only put three of my favourites up for now.

The Five One-Little Bit Remix. Ft Lykke Li
(Listen out for some of the clever lines in this. A fantastic track all round, and somehow managed to improve on the original by Lykke Li, which was already very good)

The Five One-What Sarah Said Remix Ft. Death Cab for Cutie
(A really introspective track, and something that is pulled off to perfection.)

The Five One-Stuntin’ Like Mufasa Ft. Lil’ Wayne
(This one mixes a Lil’ Wayne/Birdman track with a sample from The Lion King, and it works!)

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