R&B Fridays: Episode 2

R&B Friday is two weeks old, and like a fine wine, continues to get better. Enjoy new tracks from big names such as Trey Songz and Lloyd (who I think are the two best artists in R&B right now), and tracks from lesser-known names such as Riz, who is also very talented, and has the potential to be with those names.

Trey Songz-U Belong 2 Me
-A nice, slow jam from one of the smoothest voices around.

Jackie Boyz-Sex Hero
-A quality midtempo track from the talented (and consistent!) group.

Lee Carr-Talk To Me
-Carr reminds me of an early Trey Songz, which is a big deal. Nothing outstanding lyrically though, but solid R&B.

Lloyd-Like Me
-Lloyd is Lloyd, and does very little wrong. Comes through again here.

Riz-Addicted To The Spotlight
-A little different from his last track, and Riz is on a roll. The dude puts very good tracks out.

Young Nate-I Wonder
-Thanks to Jase for this track from the upcoming UK singer. A really likeable track, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for him.

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