Midweek Mainstream Music Madness….Mania!

I’m not gonna lie, the Eminem picture on this post has nothing to do with the content. (Upon review, this is actually a lie, but the pic is still barely relevant) It just adds more ‘M’s’ (get it?…sorry) to Midweek Mainstream Music Madness Mania!

Click below for some upcoming mainstream tracks.

Mariah Carey returned last week with the track Obssessed, from her upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. I’m not really the biggest fan of her music, although I will concede that she is very talented. This track is apparently aimed at Eminem, after he laid into her on a track from Relapse, Bagpipes from BaghdadObssessed is alright, but nothing special. I expect some of you will enjoy this though.

The second and third tracks are from Young Dro. Some of you may recognise this rapper’s name from a few popular remixes he has jumped on over the years, the remix of We Fly High by Jim Jones being a notable example. I’ve never heard any of his solo work though, but I’m assured that he’s a pretty big name.

His newest track, On Fire, is produced by Jim Jonsin. If this means nothing to you, it should: He’s produced some of the biggest hits around, and consistently. In the last 12 months, he’s scored two #1′s with Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop, T.I.’s Whatever You Like, and a #3 with Soulja Boy’s Kiss Me Thru The Phone.  Therefore, as expected, the beat on the track is definitely the highlight. My grandma would sound good on that beat, and that’s no disrespect to Dro as he does a solid job, but the beat is definitely what carries the track.

The second Young Dro track, You Nasty, is textbook mainstream stuff. Decent beat, unspectacular lyrics, and Akon on the hook. If it works for everyone else, it will probably work for Dro. It’s an easy track to listen to though, and expect this to be heard in clubs over the summer.

Enjoy them all below:

Mariah Carey-Obssessed

Young Dro-On Fire

Young Dro-You Nasty Ft. Akon

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