Maino....Bringing Gangsta, and More Importantly New York, Back.

...If Tomorrow Comes

...If Tomorrow Comes

In 2003 Maino was released from prison after serving 10 years for being involved in a “drugs related kidnapping”.

During his time in prison, Maino began rapping as a means to vent the boredom of jail life. The lyrical content of his real life experiences (which to give you an idea, check out the scar on his face…) appeals to both the nitty-gritty, ‘superthug’ lovers of Hip-Hop, and to the ladies too with his swagger-filled flow.

Like Jay-Z, another Brooklyn born and bred rapper, Maino doesn’t write down his raps when making songs.
If you haven’t heard of Maino before, just think of 50 Cent in his Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ days. Coincidentally, it was 50 Cent who helped Maino get his deal with the record label Atlantic. Since his release from prison, Maino has released several mixtapes, with tracks such as Be MeAll The Above ft. T-PainHi Hater Remix ft. T.I. Fabolous, Plies and Jadakiss all receiving serious radioplay in the USA.

With Maino’s debut album only 9 days away from release, a few tracks have been inevitably leaking, the latest being Kill You. This song has a typical New York vibe to it, with subject material that the likes of Eminem and Chris Brown could relate to…. check it out below:

Maino – ‘Kill You’

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