In A Similar Vein To The Last Post…

First off, thank you all for showing a lot of love to The Five One. It’s been the most read post we’ve so far on here, and I think I can speak on behalf of The Five One guys when I say it’s awesome that a lot of you are trying new music. I’ll be posting some of their music regularly, and you can keep up with them at

In a similar vein, B.o.B/Bobby Ray (I’m pretty sure he now goes by the name of Bobby Ray) has released his latest mixtape, and funnily enough, it’s called B.o.B vs Bobby Ray. If you liked the genre-bending style of The Five One, you’re definitely going to enjoy this, although this is more towards the hip-hop side of things.

Bobby Ray is one talented dude. He plays guitar, keyboard, sings and raps. He’s worked with some major artists, including Eminem who thinks highly of him:

“B.o.B is crazy…We actually recently worked together a couple of months ago in Detroit and I was like, ‘Do you dance too? What don’t you do?’ I think he’s like 20 years old and the dude is like crazy talented, especially for his age.”

Tracks such as the T.I. feature, I’m Dat N****, show that he can rap with the best of them. Then, you hear a track from him such as Lovelier Than You and you think you’re listening to a new-school Bob Marley. Simply put, the guy is crazy.

Anyway, check out the new mixtape. I believe that Put Me On is set to be the next single from him, and it is a very likeable, mellow track.

Enjoy: B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray

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