If Tomorrow Comes – Album Review.


Before I start I’d just like to give a shout out to a good friend of mine who was involved in an accident yesterday, and is now recovering in the hospital – get well soon Annie!

Following on from one of my previous posts, today sees the release of the much anticipated album from Maino. Coming from a select few of Brooklyn MC’s (Saigon, Papoose etc.) who have been on the mixtape scene for the last 5 years or so, Maino is the first one of these rappers to have his album (If Tomorrow Comes) actually released!


Starting with the Swizz Beatz produced single Million Bucks, Maino actually begins his story with the ending with this party joint. It’s a ‘feel good’ song that shows the state of Maino’s mind today, and definitely a track you can dance to in the clubs. After the track finishes Maino narrates the 1st ‘scene’ of the album; these ‘scenes’ are skits which highlight the important events in the story of Maino’s career – the first being him leaving prison.

This leads to a few tracks of Maino struggling with life back out on the streets, wanting to leave that life behind by becoming a rapper. Back To Life is a definite highlight of this chapter, a great beat with Maino rhyming back and forth with a friend: a female who later becomes the mother of his son, and also his parole officer.

The 2nd and 3rd scenes tell the stories of Maino giving his demo to DJ Kay Slay, and also the amount of haters he has accumulated through making some inroads within the rap industry. These scenes contain hit singles All The Above and Hi Hater. Other tracks of note are Kill You, which is about the grievances Maino has been having with his child’s mother, and also Let’s Make a Movie, which with a good beat and an infectious chorus has the potential to be Maino’s next single.

Scene 4 has Maino contemplating about giving up on music and succumbing to street life, after much label troubles with Universal, which leads onto another great song in Runaway Slave. The scene ends with my favourite song on the album, Floating, which has Maino rapping about drinking away all the pain he has ever felt in his life: the friends he has lost to death, prison, and to the pain he feels after the recent event of his best friend becoming paralysed, having been shot in the back by the police.

The album ends with the chapter in Maino’s life where he receives the call from the record label Atlantic, telling Maino they wish to sign him.  Maino is in disbelief and actually believes it’s some sort of joke. This scene only contains one song Celebrate, which is another feel good track for us all to enjoy.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction Maino takes his music into from now on. Despite this album being great to listen, I do wonder what kind material he will put out in the future, and on his sophomore album. Much like how Kanye West moved on from the classic album The College Dropout, Maino will also need to grow as an artist to keep fans interested if he wants to avoid the sophomore ‘curse’.

A solid debut album, with very few features – which is what you want to hear from a debuting artist. If Tomorrow Comes has a great concept that makes you feel you’re listening to a movie. The way Maino narrates each scene feels very much like the way Al Pacino narrates the story of the film ‘Carlito’s Way’, in which ‘the bad guy’ has left prison wanting to better himself as a person, and leave behind the life that put him in prison in the first place. The only difference being that Maino has found success.


Do yourself a favour and buy this album here


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