A Couple of MJ Tribute Tracks

One star-studded track, and one solo track dedicated to Michael Jackson after the click, as well as a remix.

The first track is spearheaded by The Game, and features a lot of artists, predominantly Chris Brown, who delivers a powerful and emotional chorus. The Game’s verses are clearly extremely heartfelt, and this is a must download for those of you touched by the unfortunate passing of a legend.

The second track comes from Riz, an artist who I’ve spotlighted before, and is more of a slow jam. Riz delivers some solemn, soft vocals over a piano-driven production. This one is certainly very reflective, and is a very personal tribute from the young up-and-comer. Be warned-this will probably make you feel quite sad.

Below is a remix of MJ’s track HIStory from a while back. This was done by J Dilla, another artist who unfortunately passed away, at the young age of 32 back in 2006. Dilla will always be one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all-time, and I absolutely recommend you get his album Donuts. The album was an instrumental album, full of absolutely stellar production, and comfortably the best instrumental hip-hop album ever.

This has been quite a solemn post, so to up the mood a little I’ve added a track below from one of my favourite neo-soul albums of all-time. The track Dance Tonight, from Lucy Pearl’s self-titled album, is a great track which is instantly likeable. It became a ‘go-to’ track for me, and if I was stuck on what to listen to, or feeling down, switching this track on brightens the room. Hopefully, it will do the same for you. (For those of you unaware of who Lucy Pearl are, find them on Wikipedia. Their one album was awesome, and Raphael Saadiq is a genius)


The Game-Better On The Other Side (Tribute To MJ) Ft. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Usher, Mario Winans & Boyz II Men

Riz-The Lights Went Out 2Nite (MJ Tribute)

Michael Jackson-HIStory (J Dilla Remix)

Lucy Pearl-Dance Tonight

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