3 Mega-Stars and 1 Future Star=Digital Girl Remix

Drake recently hopped on the remix for Jamie Foxx’s Digital Girl, which already featured Kanye West and The-Dream on the original. Talent overload.

Drake drops a nice opening verse on the remix to one of the better tracks from Jamie Foxx’s Intuition and definitely does his rising status a few favours here, proving that he’s definitely becoming the go-to guy right now. The track itself is good, and the original has been around for a long time now (December, according to my iTunes library). It’s definitely not as catchy or memorable as Blame It, but is probably more ‘listenable’ outside of a club. Admittedly though, given the amount of talent on show you expect a huge, epic track, which this probably isn’t. Nonetheless, it is good, and definitely worth a download, as this could probably become quite mainstream.

Enjoy: Jamie Foxx-Digital Girl Remix Ft. Drake, The-Dream and Kanye West
Bonus track: Jamie Foxx-Blame It Remix Ft. T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne and Busta Rhymes

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