Trey Songz: Anticipation

Trey Songz’s third album, Ready, is due out early August. In preparation for that, Trey has released a new mixtape full of brand new material. This dude is ridiculously talented, so hit the click below.

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“Just Give Me A Chance To Get It Right”

Finally, the video for Supernova by Mr. Hudson (featuring Kanye West) has been released.
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News, Videos and UFOs.

I lied about the UFOs.

Click below to see new videos from Kanye West and Jay-Z, some news on Blink-182 and well as snippets of two upcoming tracks from Lupe’s upcoming album.

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If Tomorrow Comes – Album Review.


Before I start I’d just like to give a shout out to a good friend of mine who was involved in an accident yesterday, and is now recovering in the hospital – get well soon Annie!

Following on from one of my previous posts, today sees the release of the much anticipated album from Maino. Coming from a select few of Brooklyn MC’s (Saigon, Papoose etc.) who have been on the mixtape scene for the last 5 years or so, Maino is the first one of these rappers to have his album (If Tomorrow Comes) actually released!

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Some Album Previews


Couple of preview videos after the click from Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi, based on their upcoming albums.

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Underground Hip-Hop

There’s an awful lot of music that gets put out to the internet each and every day. A lot of it will be artists that you’ve never heard of, but will have big followings. Trying to follow underground hip-hop is a difficult task, and sometimes it’s best to stick to a few names and follow them. This post is dedicated to some of those names you may have missed and gives you a sample of them.

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A Couple of MJ Tribute Tracks

One star-studded track, and one solo track dedicated to Michael Jackson after the click, as well as a remix.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 2

R&B Friday is two weeks old, and like a fine wine, continues to get better. Enjoy new tracks from big names such as Trey Songz and Lloyd (who I think are the two best artists in R&B right now), and tracks from lesser-known names such as Riz, who is also very talented, and has the potential to be with those names.
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RIP Michael Jackson

Rest in peace to a legend of our time.

Goodbye Jacko. Click below for a video I came across of an unbelievable live performance from him.

Michael Jackson performing at the 1993 Superbowl.

Official Announcement of Shining Down

No downloads in this one, just a bit of info. Shining Down, the track we opened the site with, is being officially digitally released on Tuesday 7th July.

The artwork shown here is the official artwork for the single. I assume that this means Lupe’s next album, Lasers, isn’t too far away, and could be with us around September.

Quick Blast: Bloc Party

If, like me, you were not a fan of their most recent album, this post will come as a nice surprise to you. Intimacy was nowhere near the standard of the first two albums in my eyes/ears, and luckily the new track that was revealed a day or two back is a big improvement on Intimacy.

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Nas and Damian Marley

Before I type anything else, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my co-author, and fellow music lover, Notorious Indi. Have a good one!

Back to the music: Some of you will know this, and some will not, but Nas and Damian Marley announced a while back that they were doing a collaborative album entitled Distant Relatives.

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Midweek Mainstream Music Madness….Mania!

I’m not gonna lie, the Eminem picture on this post has nothing to do with the content. (Upon review, this is actually a lie, but the pic is still barely relevant) It just adds more ‘M’s’ (get it?…sorry) to Midweek Mainstream Music Madness Mania!

Click below for some upcoming mainstream tracks.

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Coming Soon…

Does the name Matthew Santos ring a bell? If it doesn’t, he’s the guy who sings on some of Lupe Fiasco’s best songs, including (but not limited to) Superstar, Streets on Fire and the upcoming single Shining Down.

Matthew as a solo artist however, is a completely different prospect. If you like some mellow, acoustic music(which let’s be honest, is perfect in the summer!) keep an eye out for Matthew. He’s a real talent, and will continue to grow in popularity.

Oh. And we’re going to have an interview with him on here soon.

Head over to and to get familiar with him. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, email them across.

Quick Blast: Kid Cudi

Couple of bits of news you may, or may not, have previously known about Cudi’s upcoming work, and a couple of tracks you may have missed out on.

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Cooler Than Denzel Washington? You Be The Judge.



A few weeks ago there was some confusion about Chamillionaire’s future endeavours, a ‘countdown’ appeared on his website which alluded to him scrapping his forthcoming album Venom and it was rumoured that Chamillionaire was to retire.

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In A Similar Vein To The Last Post…

First off, thank you all for showing a lot of love to The Five One. It’s been the most read post we’ve so far on here, and I think I can speak on behalf of The Five One guys when I say it’s awesome that a lot of you are trying new music. I’ll be posting some of their music regularly, and you can keep up with them at

In a similar vein, B.o.B/Bobby Ray (I’m pretty sure he now goes by the name of Bobby Ray) has released his latest mixtape, and funnily enough, it’s called B.o.B vs Bobby Ray. If you liked the genre-bending style of The Five One, you’re definitely going to enjoy this, although this is more towards the hip-hop side of things.

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This Post Does Not Care What Genre You Like.

As you’ve seen from the content on here, I enjoy rock, hip-hop, alternative, and pretty much every other genre under the sun. However, most of the music we listen to is ‘sensually offensive’ to at least one of the other genres.

By this, I mean if you listen to some 2Pac, the Death Cab for Cutie listener inside you has to hide behind the sofa. If you listen to Blink-182, all love for T.I. has to leave the room via the nearest exit.

Ever met an artist/group who can keep everyone in the same room? Click below, because you’re about to. You won’t regret it.

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Maino....Bringing Gangsta, and More Importantly New York, Back.

...If Tomorrow Comes

...If Tomorrow Comes

In 2003 Maino was released from prison after serving 10 years for being involved in a “drugs related kidnapping”.

During his time in prison, Maino began rapping as a means to vent the boredom of jail life. The lyrical content of his real life experiences (which to give you an idea, check out the scar on his face…) appeals to both the nitty-gritty, ‘superthug’ lovers of Hip-Hop, and to the ladies too with his swagger-filled flow.

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3 Mega-Stars and 1 Future Star=Digital Girl Remix

Drake recently hopped on the remix for Jamie Foxx’s Digital Girl, which already featured Kanye West and The-Dream on the original. Talent overload.

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Hip-Hop and Rock. In One Post, and One Song.

A track in here from Lil’ Wayne that features Tyga, and is actually quite good. → Continue Reading

Uptempo tracks for the Weekend

Playing about with a few genres here to liven up the weekend, with a classic track and a couple of newer, mainstream tracks to enjoy.

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Wale-Back To The Feature

2 posts in 2 days on DC rapper Wale. His ‘Back To The Feature’ mixtape has finally been released, after having been delayed for months.

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R&B Fridays: Episode 1



A new weekly feature here, which will collect all of the week’s best R’n’B tracks and cram them into one huge, dripping mass of goodness. Nothing wrong with a nice slice of R’n’B. Some of this is/will become mainstream, some won’t, but are probably better than most of what is out there. Read on to see what’s in store this week.

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Some (hopefully) Familiar Names

Couple of piping hot, fresh, new tracks featuring artists that were spotlighted back in the old house, namely Wale, Big Sean, Mike Posner and Slaughterhouse. Unless you’re an idiot, this should excite you, as that list includes some of the brightest talents around. Click below to get happy.

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Asher Roth-One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, a young unknown called Asher Roth dropped his first mixtape.

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“Don’t Trust Me”…Decide For Yourself

Time for something a little more underground. 3OH!3 (pronounced three-oh-three) are an alternative duo who cross a few genres. Thus far, their biggest track is Don’t Trust Me, which Kid Cudi has recently taken the time to remix.
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Flashback To…Last Week.



Jay-Z returned last week with a scathing tirade on AutoTune, causing a bit of a stir within the music world with the track D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune). Read more and download by clicking below:
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“Look Up In The Sky…”



Much has changed, and much is yet to change. Enjoy the revamps and upgrades etc. There are plenty more to come: there are a few tricks up my sleeve yet to be revealed. If there’s a certain feature you’d like to see/would find useful, let me know in the comments.  (For example, I’ve toyed with the idea of an in-built music player: Yes or no?)

Any other issues with the site you have, please let me know. At the moment, the site doesn’t seem to be working properly in Firefox, so for now, keep it to Internet Explorer. For those of you with iPhones/Blackberries: This should work without a problem on there, as I’ve configured it to do so. If it doesn’t, let me know what/which areas didn’t look right.

Right. With that out of the way, let’s address something you’ve wondered for the last couple of minutes: Why did I pick a picture of Lupe Fiasco? Well…Click the below to find out.

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